150 is a centre for applied research established in 2012 which involves an international network of 150 researchers.

The structure of the centre is based on the tradition of Italian academies. It stems from the Accademia dei Facchini della Val di Blenio, an intellectual network active in Milan during mannerism in late XVI century. The main asset of Italian academies was to develop debate and innovation across disciplines, from art to technology and from science to literature. During the time of cardinal archbishop Carlo Borromeo, the Accademia dei Facchini was a platform for theory, grotesque, astonishment and deformity. It was a space for gathering and experimenting, the perfect fertilizer for research.


150 is considered to be the maximum number of stable relationships each person can maintain, according to the theory of the British anthropologist Robin Dunbar. The 150 researchers engaged in the centre are international professionals, scholars, artists and experts in different disciplines and with different background. Based on a budget of 12,000 working hours, the centre focuses each year on 3 projects and institutions. Researchers are asked to contribute to the centre with their ideas, feedback and studies. The objective is to reinforce existing initiatives, or to develop something completely new.


The centre is in its start-up phase and it will implement its full programme between 2015 and 2020.